I love the teaching in Matthew 14 of the disciples getting into the boat &Peter walking with Jesus on the water.

Your_Storm_Will_Pass Image
Our lives are much like theirs was that day. You get up and it’s a nice sunny day and everything is going great until about 3PM and all of a sudden your skies grey and your world is turned upside down in an instant. We’ve all been there.
The disciples went out that day with the sun shining as well until the storm hit and they were in fear for their lives, in the dark midnight, with huge waves, not sure if they were going to make it. They were in the middle of sea to far to turn back.  Sometimes we’re in a moment we’ve gone to far and though we know God, fear overtakes us and we forget that He’s got us and He won’t let us go.
In Matt 14:31 after Peter had cried out to Jesus to save him. It says, “IMMEDIATELY, Jesus stretched out His hand.”
He won’t let you just stay there, He answers immediately to your cry.
The thing that touched me the most of this teaching was that in verse 23 after Jesus sent the disciples in the boat, He went to pray. Who do you think Jesus was praying for? The disciples! He knew the storm was coming, He knows what storm you’re in. He’s got you ahead of time, you will make it through even if you fear and doubt.
In verse 34 it says, “WHEN THEY CROSSED OVER”…. They made it to their destination! You may go through a storm or be in one now, but He goes before you, and you will cross over and pass through the storm to your destination, no matter what it looks like.

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