Sow Your Seed Anyway

My front lawn had to be torn up due to some plumbing issues and after the work was finished it looked terrible.

I live on a nice quiet street with super sweet elderly folk that watched my daughter grow up as the baby on the block.

Most of them are retired and have plenty of time on their hands to keep their landscape supreme at all times.

We’re the “ones” with bulldogs running around the yard and lots of my daughter’s toys 🙂

We keep our yard tidy and I even mow the lawn most of the time, but we’re definitely not quite at their botanical garden level lol.

Anyway, after the yard was torn up we needed to do some more work and lay down new seed.

My neighbor is awesome but I remember he kept saying to my husband and I, “those seeds won’t grow”, “that grass will never be the same.”

My husband is always such a man of faith and told him “I hear you, but I know it will grow. I will wait, and water it, pray, let the sun hit it, and it will grow.”

God is in the details and says to pray specifically, so you can pray for everything and anything.

My neighbor just laughed to himself as he went about his day.

As the following days passed the seeds were still visible on top of the soil and it had not grown at all.

My husband was not dismayed but kept watering, praying, and letting the sun hit it (waving to my neighbor as he chuckled walking by our bare yard to get to his beautifully lush yard).

Weeks passed and finally a few blades started to emerge from the ground. My husband was so excited that he immediately went to water the grass even though it wasn’t necessary, because it was raining (He’s so cute).

In the following few days we had our full lawn back all of a sudden, and the yard once again looked beautiful. Even better than before because before there were bare spots, and now there were none to be seen.

It was plush and vibrant.

I say this all the time but it’s just so true…It doesnt matter what your situation looks like or what others are saying around you.

Lay down your seed in faith anyway.

Water it, believe in prayer, let the Son hit it, and it will grow and blossom before your very eyes in no time.

You’ll have the doubters around you, and there may be times where things seem slow…but just like our seeds sprung seemingly overnight after weeks of what seemed like nothing going on, God can show up in an instant and cause new and even better growth


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