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I’ve been married to the handsomest brown Mexican for 10 years now and I think the title of this blog is very appropriate. I never dated much when I was young, but when I saw my husband Ivan walk in the sanctuary of a church one day I remember telling the girl sitting next to me, “that’s my husband.”

We would go visit sick people in the hospital and he would pray for them while I lead some worship songs. We served in church together many years. We got married very young and our definition of love was very different to what it is now. I don’t want to paint the picture of a perfect marriage when mine wasn’t. We didn’t speak right to each other, treat each other with the love of Christ, and were just a mess for the first about 7 years. We then remembered those words we vowed “for better or for worse, til death do us part.” We knew we had a big ministry and it was time to really take this marriage seriously if were going to really live out those vows. I thought for sure, it just wasn’t going to work on numerous occasions but we BOTH decided to truly love and BOTH change and adjust the things necessary to keep this covenant. So at 7 years we started to grow in love again, together as a team. Pray together, serve each other and not just others, and speak only good things over each other. Power of confession over your marriage, life, and family is so important but that’s a whole other blog :). We are now the happiest we’ve ever been and more in love than ever. XO MARi

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