Daily Vitamin

Your Daily Vitamin

Everyday I take an amazing organic, vegan, gluten free, plant based, vitamin and love the awesome health benefits it has for me.

More importantly, and the thing that has most helped restore my health, is my daily dose of God’s word.

I’m not super religious but I must say, I notice the difference when I’m not feeding my spirit everyday.

I physically have less energy and sometimes symptoms will show up.

Everytime I read, I read aloud declaring and speaking life, health, prosperity, peace, and favor over my life and all my loved ones. No matter what it looks, or feels, like around me.

We need to make sure we fill and surround ourselves with good and healthy things in the natural and in the spirit.

His words are promises and the best vitamin ever, that truly works… With no side effects…only benefits 🙂

What are you waiting for? Go take your vitamin!


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