Come Home

God always does things so that we know, that we know, that it’s Him.
I was in a few different churches these past weeks that don’t know each other at all, but each one had the same amazing powerful word. They all taught the same thing unplanned. I felt more welcome and genuinely loved in these places than I had in a long time. I was so amazed and in awe at the love and unity of these churches. That’s the true church of Christ, unity in the Spirit and unconditional and welcoming love, no matter who you are. There is only one church, one bride all serving one amazing God. It was not just taught, but shown through action. Not one was striving to be the best, most favored, or most anointed, they all just were. You should never go to a church home and feel unwelcome no matter what the circumstance may be.
The message was about the Sheperd and how He has sheep dogs of mercy and grace to bring back the sheep not condemn them, judge them, if they somehow got off track or just didn’t do something.
I’ve met countless people this past year that were more hurt from people in a church than people in the world. Why? You expect that from worldly people, not church. There’s no perfect church of course, but man do we have to do better in showing true love because we could be the best preachers, worship leaders, etc. all we want but if the love’s not there, it just doesn’t work.
I was hugging a girl sobbing uncontrollably next to me because she finally felt home after being so hurt and wrongfully accused and judged by ones she loved so dearly and was relieved to hear this message and finally felt home again.
Imagine the sheep dog barking and causing more fear and shame so the sheep gets further away then close to home.
God’s heart is always full restoration.
He was the good Father waiting daily for His prodigal son to come home, and when He did make it home by the skin of his teeth in his worst condition, the Father didn’t say, “see I told you so,” “look at you, you’re a mess” or have the others hate him, shut him out or ignore him,but threw an explosive party. He didn’t just go back either, he was restored to better than before. He didn’t have to be a slave to the Father to prove himself again, He just resumed where he left off while he was celebrated by the whole household. God wants to celebrate you today whether you’ve been in church your whole life or just a few days, no matter where you are in life right now.
Celebrate each other and be happy for each other.
We’ve heard this story a million times but the part that most impacted me was that there are two types of brothers. The brother that took all his things, left, wasted it all, then dropped humbly to crawl back home.
Or the religious brother that says, “why does he get a party, the best food and clothes? I never left, I don’t get a party.”
Truth is we’re all either one or the other.
He did the exact opposite of what one would expect, so how could we not do the same for others? You can always come home.
I am home, are you?


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